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Embedded System


Short Term Automation Course

Our training title "Investing in Future" is a key message, "Teaching and Learning" with Technologies may improve academic education & corporate training for engineering science. Bridging the gap between theory learned in college & knowledge applied in actual industry.


We cover/teach the most popular PLC's used world wide like.

Schenieder, Allen Bradley, Fuji, LG, Simens, Mitsubishi, Messung & Also cover HMI, Field Instruments, Troubleshooting, calibration of process equipments, PID( Process instrumentation ), Panel Designing,  AC Drive Schenieder(Altivar), Control Technique, Fuji, Simens, & the most popular Intouch, Astra SCADA

350 questions based on industrial application, fest, seminars, certificate.

(Basic industrial automation training)

Basic block of instrumentation system types of transducers (active and passive)

Temperature measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

Pressure measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

Flow measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

 Level measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

Displacement measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

Angular displacement and speed measurement, working principle, types, and selection guidelines.

Current to pressure converter and Control valves


     Module-3:    (Troubleshooting, calibration of process equipments.)                                                                            

Testing of RTD and thermocouple.                                                       

Testing of pressure measurement device.

Testing of scales for displacement measurement.

Testing of encoders.

Calibration of process indicators.


     Module-4:  (Process instrumentation )

Process control basic                                                                          

Closed loop and open loop system

Control algorithms (P, PI, PD, PID)

Process control schemes.



Module-5: (Programmable logic controllers )


Introduction to PLC, PLC family, application of PLC in industry, benefits of PLC in industry.

Introduction to PLC hardware

Source and sink wiring concept

Transistor and relay output concept                                                      

Introduction to PLC programming software

Addressing concept

Introduction to ladder logic                                              

Basic programming instructions

Advance programming instructions.

Implementation of instruction and advanced

Instruction’s for logic development as per industrial application.

 PID control using PLC

Upload, download, monitoring of PLC

Forcing of I/O’s

Introduction of analog input and output

Fault finding/troubleshooting

Communication with HMI & SCADA

Hands on experience on real time application

Drive control using PLC.

      Module-6: HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Introduction about HMI, Use and benefits of HMI

Introduction about HMI programming software                                   

Creating applications

Creating alarms and events

Downloading/uploading program

Communication with PLC

Fault finding


     Module-7: SCADA

Introduction about SCADA

Introduction about SCADA software

Creating graphic’s                                                                               

Attaching control to graphic objects

Real time and historical trends

Communication with PLC

Control loop interface with SCADA

Recipe Management

Fault finding/troubleshooting



     Module-8: Panel designing

Introduction about electrical symbols of  accessories used in panel building

Industrial standard color codes                                                 

Introduction to switchgears and accessories

Basics of control and power wiring

Sizing of panel                         

Preparation of general arrangement drawings

Preparation of control and power circuits

General wiring guidelines/practice

Maintenance and troubleshooting of control circuit in live panels.


     Module-9: Variable Frequency Drives


Variable frequency drives

Ac motor basics

Introduction to AC drive and applications Braking in drives

Benefits of ac drive over conventional starters (DOL & Star/delta)

Criteria for drive selections

Parameter programming

Energy saving concept

Live Demonstration of effect of each programmed parameter on Drive.

Designing of drive control panel

Communication of drive with PLC,HMI & SCADA

Fault finding/troubleshooting

Soft starter and their advantage over conventional starters.

Programming of drives using PC (Power Suit)



PLC Networking